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Fri August 16


+ special guests BLOB HALFORD

£7 // Doors 8:00pm

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These two vicious bastards (Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon) were named after the legendary Black Mekong, illegitimate children of prostitutes visited by missionary preachers, abandoned to fend for themselves on the banks of The Mekong River.

Now joined by their cousin Black Mekon they deliver blistering in-the-red punk blues as a three piece. Their mobile church of jet-engine noise and pelvis-shattering drums has graced shores all over Europe, Japan, South America and the USA both headlining and at the personal request of Jon Spencer, Guitar Wolf, The Scientists, King Brothers and more.

With a bagful of albums and 7 inches under their belt including their incredibly ambitious 45 Consortium singles club (which featured splits with Bob Log II, White Mystery, Table Scraps and more) they are about to unleash their latest long player DESTROY NOSTALGIA on PNKSLM Recordings, 10 songs lamenting/urging the death of the past.

None of what you read may be true, all of what you hear is.
Serve it up!

“A frenzied assault of dirty drums, scuzzy sharp guitars, scratchy vocals and tons of attitude” Louder Than War

“With an oppressive low end and moments that crash and briefly obliterate all other noise, they’ve got muscle aplenty” Pitchfork

“Riddled with that much debasement and wanton gleeful destruction that your ears will need to be immediately quarantined – you’re caught in Black Mekon’s clutches forevermore. Ah well – total corruption does look like a hell of a lot of fun” Sonic Masala

“With dirty drums routed through a fuzzbox, Black Mekon make gut wrenching blues finessed with all the sadistic charm of trio of sociopaths. It’s honky-tonk for criminals and degenerates” BrumNotes

“Blues riffs collide spectacularly with overdriven distortion and a punk attitude. Even at their tamest, Black Mekon are one of the most formidable live acts you’ll catch sight of” Counteract Magazine

“Initially vexing but ultimately awesome Black Mekon’s rock‘n’roll is a brutal twist, they’re industrial blues blasphemy, with distorted harmonica beatboxing, convulsive yelps and a guitar tone that sounds as if it’s emanating from a poorly tuned pirate radio station. They’re not only a curveball to the showcase, but to music in general” BrumNotes

“Black Mekon aren’t just a sound they are an entire notion. Intentionally abrasive, piling coarse vocals atop caustic guitar riffs all undercut by a muddy blues refrain” BrumNotes

“If you like anything by Jon Spencer, John Dwyer, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Johnny Paycheck, John(ny) Cash or scuzzy rock by any Jon Doe, Dick or Harry, you need to get your dirty mits on that Black Mekon album. Long live the new Godzillas of garage rock!” With Guitars

“They sound like Bob Dylan covering Coachwhips and unquestionably make you soil your pants” Noisey



Conceived over a bucks fizz binge in Birmingham UK early 2018, Cherry Pickles comes at you like the basement band you always wanted to start.

Priscila B brings from Brazil her love of early Tropicalia and the kind of ‘let’s be bad’ attitude that can only come from a land chock full of Catholic guilt. Mimi B brings her love of stripped down, bare essential rhythm. If two drums are good enough for Peggy O’Neill then they should definitely be good enough for you. Together they bonded over a mutual love of 50s malt-shop-pop, 60s minimalist garage, no wave, fuzz and all forms of outsider art. ‘Art damaged’ isn’t a slur, it’s a compliment. Anything lost in translation with this transatlantic duo only doubles the charm.

Played entirely on thrift store instruments with the kind of enthusiasm and naiveté severely lacking in a lot of today’s music this is not some clever re-imagining or ironic take on lo-fi, this is the real deal! Technique and skill be damned, the message comes through strong and that message is “Don’t think about it, just cross the line and enjoy it.” All rolled together with gum, glitter and stickytape in the studio by fellow Birmingham noisemakers Black Mekon, the result is slightly wrong-sounding but infectious one-minute-garage-pop with gusto. One guitar, 2 drums, the basement band you always wanted to start.

Cherry Pickles’ debut LP Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples was released on April 5th 2019 via PNKSLM Recordings following the band’s storming US debut at SXSW.

“Cherry Pickles is the soundtrack to a John Waters film where the pool party scene features Mink Stole and Divine sipping exotic cocktails and talking to David Lynch and Bruce Campbell while Dennis Hopper floats on an inflatable Cadillac inhaling oxygen and Elvira hides in the shade” Joyzine

“Old school Crampsish rockabilly groove, the vocal is drawled, the drums play a broken hearts and switchblades groove and the guitars are rockabilly, surf and spaghetti western twang, it’s just cool. All twang and flotsam” Fighting Boredom

“Sounding a little like a Shangri-Las song written on a guitar that’s falling apart” The Line of Best Fit

“If 60’s surf music met Phil Spector while shooting the breeze with Lou Reed and Nico then the result would probably end up something like Birmingham base duo Cherry Pickles” Halfway 2 Nowhere

“With the gothic roadhouse treatment on the guitar many moments here could belong in ‘Wild At Heart’ era Lynch. Touched by Elvis, but darker, and with a nihilistic joy de vivre. There’s a Catholic sense of bad behavior and ‘shock/schlock’ but it’s playful, not maliciously harmful disobedience. Cherry Pickles should be invited to the party, not because of their style – but because of the substance, smarts and wit that they so clearly hold” Popbollocks



Saving your soul through rock n’roll.