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4 June 2018


+ special guests SCREAMING SIXTIES + 2&

£11 // Doors 8:00pm

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NECRONOMIDOL is an ultradark Japanese idol unit based in Tokyo taking inspiration from HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and Japanese horror.

Formed in March of 2014, NECRONOMIDOL has played hundreds of shows both in Japan and abroad including solo shows at Shinjuku LOFT, Shibuya www and Ebisu LIQUIDROOM as well as touring 8 countries and counting.

NECRONOMIDOL’s songs range in style from black metal and NWOBHM to darkwave and witch house. They are known for otherworldly choreography and explosive stage performances.

NECRONOMIDOL’s physical releases are distributed domestically in Japan by Disk Union and are also available online via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services.  Numerous international labels, including France’s Specific Records, have released NECRONOMIDOL’s music internationally.








Formed in August 2014 as a 6 member rock band featuring Kai and Montero on vocals, Screaming Sixties performs both as a band as well as a twin vocal unit. Traveling across Japan by car they perform nearly 300 shows a year and exemplify the soul of Japanese live performance. The twin vocal unit makes it’s UK debut on this tour!

Although they have been active for more than three years and have over 30 songs in their repertoire, Screaming Sixties adheres to an underground ethos and has yet to release a full album and over half of their songs have never been recorded. Their philosophy is that Screaming Sixties can only really be experienced live – their passion cannot be contained in a mere CD.



Formerly of idol sensation Guso Drop, solo idol Double And can best be expressed by the equation Saki + You = 2&.

A self-produced artist, Saki’s wish is to grow into a performer who can be constantly giving back to her fans.