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8 August 2018


+ special guests FEMUR + PRETTY WITCHES

£6 // Doors 8:00pm

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“Sharkmuffinare either the most glam garage band around, or the grungiest glam band around.” NPR

“Sharkmuffin are one of the more popular garage punk bands in the Brooklyn music scene, and essential listening for fans of Screaming Females. There’s a certain ’90s feel to the music they make, driven by demanding but never desperate hollers.” Billboard Magazine

“Their sound is energetic and wild, fitting for a band with a name like theirs. It’s rough and raw and soaked in whisky, just the way the best bands are.“ The Village Voice

Sharkmuffin is led by Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch, a duo of Brooklynite sirens bred from the waves of the Jersey shore, with Jordyn Blakely on drums. Influenced by everyone from Nirvana to The Ronettes, Sharkmuffin adds a unique jagged edge onto ‘60s beach pop meets ‘90s alt sound, a genre lovingly dubbed “opti-mystic glam-grunge.” With several cross-country tours (including many return trips to SXSW) and no shortage of EPs, Sharkmuffin has been creating a veritable whirlpool of musical chaos. Their 2015 debut LP Chartreuse is their most vicious lure, featuring 10 tracks that bleed heavily with feminine rage and cheeky sass alike.

Sharkmuffin just sold out of their sophomore LP Tsuki this past March. After their 6th SXSW stint this spring, they are planning a re-release of Tsuki on cassette with the addition of two fresh tracks before their return to the U.K. this summer. They plan to serve up their signature pizza, cocktails, and ice cream by inventing the first punk rock brunch truck. Stay tuned for further deliciousness.



“In a genre that’s massively on the rise, these guys are on the front line and leading the way for Sheffield. Introducing you to local grunge craftsmen, Femur. The Sheffield 4-piece have been unleashing a rapture of mind bending distortion and reverb soaked vocals onto unsuspecting audiences across the UK over the course of the last year. Shaking and spicing up the diversity of the Sheffield music scene, Femur have been gaining fans both locally and nationally faster than you can down your pint.

Bringing a heavier, grungier sound than they’ve ever had before, they seem to found a clear focus for their collective talents and attacked it head on with arms at the ready.

Their live performances are high paced, energetic and unnervingly sweaty, with a stage presence amongst the best. Not worried to submerge into the crowd, frontman Felix Renshaw adds an unfazed and satisfying confidence to their act. With new recordings in the works, these guys are boosting themselves to the forefront of the scene and show no signs of slowing down.” English Rain Records



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