Rekid Store Day with OJ
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Saturday, 19 / 4 / 2014
WITHERED HAND // Mathew Gray & The Awful Truth
Adv £8* Buy online here

Wednesday, 23 / 4 / 2014
Now Wave Presents... CHILDHOOD // Temple Songs // Young Myths
Adv £7* Buy online here

Thursday, 24 / 4 / 2014
An Evening With Tiny Phillips... MT // The Slovaks // Scarlet
Adv £5* Buy online here

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All things Musical
Bryan Glancy Blog for memories, thoughts & nice messages
Want a cut-the-crap and bang up-to-date music entertainment site? Look no further good people...
Terrific website that allows you to browse our listings and listen (for free) to the artists tunes. You can upload details of support acts too, if you're quicker off the mark than us.
The station which can be heard in the background when we're not listening to your demo cds or scouring myspace for hot new talent.
One stop shop for news, reviews and features of the Manchester music scene
One ready made & damn handy place to show off your Night & Day photos. Oh, and any other ones as well.
All the info you need on our very own urban Glastonbury. 2009s event takes place from 18-20th October.
Looky, we have one of those myspace thingys...
Over the road from N&D and crammed full of killer cuts from every corner of the civilised and uncivilised world. One of this town's mainstay record stores, these damn fine characters have sat in various sites around the city centre until settling down on Oldham street.
Our friend Bryan Glancy on Night&Day
The self styled 'Undedicated Music Webzine from the North'. More than you can eat in one sitting kids.
Sign up as a follower to keep up to date with goings on, competitions and details of new shows as soon as they are announced.

Design stuff
A to M, Night & Day's very own gad about town bespoke designers. They have fabulous ideas so you don't have to.
The Leeds branch of N&D's ever expanding crack team of designers. Leap to this site for more besides a treat for the eyes.
An indispensible photographic overview of Mancunain musical hi jinx from this front row mainstay Ged Camera.
Our very own doyen of design delights - Young buck Stan Chow does all those posters that make you swoon - he is of course one talented fella, God given or otherwise.
Tip tap your keys here to step into the beautifully self styled world of Drew Millward. If there was any justice in the world Drew's N&D posters would have their own animated TV show.
Hotpix - stunning live gig/musician photography covering all North West Venues in Manchester, Liverpool & around at prices that won't break the bank.
Speed to this site for Mr David Bailey & Lucy Jones (they being the fabled MOUNT PLEASANT team) – Mount Pleasant are responsible for our beautifully rendered and bar orientated show posters - check this magnificent work in FANBOY sat in the back of NME too.
Stunning shots from the Mancunian musical front line from Karen McBride.
Micro home of gig poster doyen LUKE DROZD - sickeningly talented & effortlessly prolific. Marvel at his stuff right here.
Jump here for Mr. Nick Rhodes - this suave gentleman does some of those beautifully swell N&D posters you are so fond of stealing. He also prints up Tash’s natty N&D skull T–Shirts.

Useful resources (we think)
these guys run rehearsal rooms and hire out equipment in Manchester. Get in touch with them. 'cos once you've decided on your hair styles and trousers, at some point you will need somewhere to learn how to play those expensive bits of wood. And if you haven't got the expensive bits of wood boxes with electric loudness in them, you'll have to hire them. Preferably before you get to the show by the way. Not just before you're due on stage
Want some damn fine custom made badges? Aiming to avoid digging too deep? Jump right here...
All you need to know about Manchester music (of course) and more besides. A class act all round and INDISPENSIBLE.
Vice magazine, pick one up at the bar...

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