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Friday, 25 / 4 / 2014
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Save Live Music Venues
In January this year we were issued with a Noise Abatement Notice as the Environmental Health Department of Manchester City Council deemed our music to be a nuisance to a neighbouring resident, 23 years into our stint as a live music venue on Oldham Street.

We are appealing the notice in court and the case will be heard in July.

This is an ongoing problem at live music venues across the country. Residential properties are being built in the vicinity of live music venues without proper thought to the logistics of how it would work for both the residents and local businesses. The problem is occurring around the globe too in Australia after a concerted campaign by live music venues, the Government are now working to implement the Agent of Change planning principle, which means in an area with a long standing music venue, new residents must pay for sound proofing, but if the music venue opens in an existing residential area, they must pay to sound proof their venue.

We have launched a campaign to gain public support to lift our notice as well as raising awareness of the matter, which we consider to be highly unfair to our particular venue. Our aim is to get over 100k+ signatures so that we stand a chance of the matter being discussed in the House of Commons.

The benefits a live music venue brings to a town/city are enormous. It brings culture, creates employment and provides training for young professionals. Not to mention being a platform for local musicians to showcase their art and talent.

What you can do

Anyone who wants to support this matter needs to keep attending live music venues, write to local councillors/MPs and you can also sign our petition:

Its no secret that a lot of small music venues across the country are struggling as a business regardless of the added financial constraints of court costs and additional sound proofing.

Special Shows

Were also going to be running a series of special high profile shows to help support our campaign.
100% of the profit will go towards our fighting fund and any extra will go towards a relevant worthwhile cause, which will be publicised.
Author Night & Day Cafe
Official Statement Re: Noise Abatement Notice
Night and Day Statement

The Noise Abatement Notice issued by Manchester City Council in response to a single resident's complaint remains live. We have lodged an Appeal and a preliminary hearing has been set for early March.

We would like to stress that we never offered any money to the complainant. We met on two occasions. The complainant put in writing that he would drop his complaint if we paid him a considerable amount of money, which we refused to do.

Since this refusal every time we have had a live show the complainant has consistently complained about noise. The position now is that the Council are threatening to prosecute us and/or review our licence, even before we have had the opportunity of discussing our case in Court.

We would like to stress that in 22 years we have never had a complaint from the building where the complainant lives. There are people from the same set of flats who have publicly stated that we are not a nuisance to them. Nothing has changed in the last 22 years and music levels have certainly not been turned up.

We still feel the Notice is extremely unfair as the argument of us being a nuisance is so disproportionate. One complainant has generated a situation which could have extremely serious consequences and we are genuinely concerned about our future. On the other hand, almost 70,000 people support us.

We simply want to continue what we have always done - that is provide a platform for both local and international artists to perform to the appreciative Mancunian public and its visitors.

We are over-whelmed with the support we have had and would love that to continue. If you want to carry on helping us the petition is still active (see link) and actions such as writing to local MP's/Councillors are truly appreciated.

We would also like to stress that we do not want to see any abuse being directed at anyone involved. This is not an attack on the complainant but an explanation of the precarious situation the complaints have put us in.

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Author Night & Day Cafe

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